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Madu Restaurant

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Madu Restaurant

Breakfast is served in the relaxing ambience of Madu Restaurant overlooking the refreshing waters of the main swimming pool. It is open for all-day dining with a casual menu of light bites and favourite dishes to satisfy all appetites. Themed dinners are also hosted several evenings a week for the pleasure of in-house guests.


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Pasir Restaurant

Situated in the bustling Monkey Forest in Ubud, we've curated a unique blend of Mediterranean and Balinese experiences. "Pasir "which means sand in Indonesian is set to bring a slice of beach paradise to the serene town of Ubud. The interior features beige and cream hues, reminiscent of soft sand, while the presence of arches evokes the charm and tranquility of coastal landscape. Adorned with a lush plants and clay pots, the venue exudes a refreshing tropical vibe, offering a striking contrast to Ubud’s usual allure. The menu pays homage to Mediterranean influences, offering a tantalizing selection of fresh fish, succulent prawns, and delectable meats paired with and artisan cocktail menu.