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Culturally Inspired Pastimes

Leisure pursuits at The Ubud Village Resort & Spa

At The Ubud Village Resort & Spa, we offer guests a choice of culturally inspired activities that provide a better understanding about Bali and its traditions. Our team demonstrates how to make the daily offerings that can be seen all around the island, while a Balinese dance class teaches participants a few classic movements. There is also the opportunity to start the day with an early morning trekking excursion that explores the local area.


Making Offerings

Offerings are a daily part of Balinese life as a way of worshipping God. Try your hands at making a simple offering from young coconut leaves. Daily at 4pm, free of charge.


Balinese Dance

Learn some of the basic movements of Balinese dance. A sarong is provided to let your body follow the music and rhythms of traditional gamelan music.


Morning Trekking

Energize your body in the fresh morning air with fabulous natural views of river valleys and scenes of village life, accompanied by our helpful staff for 60 minutes. On Requested at 7am, free of charge.


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