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Ubud Village Resort is located in a beautifully natural setting in Ubud. As our home, we integrate the purity of the environment into our design and concept, making it an attractive place for travellers who want to enjoy real Balinese hospitality.

Our Hospitality

The people who are involved in our organisation are 99% from Ubud and 1% from neighboring islands. From the Owner to the Management Team to Gardeners, our staff is dedicated to the Balinese community or banjar The names of each section of villas reflect how the Balinese blend facilities with warm hospitality to present an ideal resort that satisfies our valued guests. 

Up to 65% of our space is natural with some of the original large trees and rare plants maintained while the resort was being constructed. The buildings are designed after Balinese traditional architecture with local natural materials like paras stone for walls, alang-alang grass for roof thatching, palimanan stone for flooring, and tanah taro water-based paint for wall-finishing. All materials are supplied by local vendors, including food and beverage ingredients.

Balinese culture is the spirit of tourism in Bali, so it is our responsibility to preserve our culture. To provide a satisfying Balinese experience, we offer local activities to our guests such as dance lessons, woodcarving, painting, making offerings, rice planting, and cooking. 

A regular weekly program of Balinese dances performed by neighborhood children is held during dinner time. The famous subak or irrigation system is also maintained to keep the original water channel flowing within our resort so that no flooding occurs. 

Ceremonies are held according to the Balinese calendars, such as on the full moon and special days to honour metal objects or trees. During these events, our guests are invited to come and watch with helpful explanations by our staff.

Nature is our flagship, so we do our best to preserve this amazing and gorgeous land where we live. We clean with mircro-fibre products instead of chemicals in our laundry system to reduce environmental pollution. Organic waste is treated with biological agents and recycled as fertilizer for our gardens. Non-organic waste is sent to a recycling centre. We use low consumption electrical bulbs with timer switches.