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Enriching Leisure Pastimes

Guest activities by Ubud Village Hotel at Monkey Forest

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At Ubud Village Hotel, we provide an array of enriching experiences and activities that delve a little deeper into Bali’s cultural way of life. Guests are invited to learn how to make daily temple offerings or partake in a hands-on cooking class that unveils the culinary secrets of traditional Balinese cuisine. An early morning session of yoga is also available for a positive start to the day.


Balinese Offering

Daily offerings made from palm fronds and coloured flower petals are an essential part of Bali’s Hindu religion. They are used to appease the gods during times of prayer. please check with your guest service


Yoga Class

Reconnect with the surrounding nature as you discover mindfulness through yoga at our classes. The morning yoga classes are available every day, please check with your guest service assistance for the schedule and booking


Cooking Class

Traditional Balinese cuisine uses lots of different spices to create layers of exotic flavour. For guests looking to learn more about local food, we host an interactive cooking class that demonstrates how to prepare a


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